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Shelby Financials Online was introduced at this year's International Shelby Conference in Dallas, TX. Today we will be meeting with several Shelby experts to discuss SFO and explain what it can do for the financial side of your ministry. Learn what this new browser-based application is all about, what modules are available now and what programs will be released in the near future. Discover which of our two sales models is the best fit for your organization. Don't miss hearing about the totally new processes that were put into place to bring this product to the marketplace. Find out what training and support options are available. Programming joins us to explain what makes this product so unique. Make sure you watch the end of the video to hear why Shelby's President and CEO, Frank Canady, is so excited about the release of Shelby Financials Online.
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The new movie "Taming The Bull: The John Bramlett Story" is now available.
Taiming The Bull - The John Bramlett Story
Also watch the Shelby Podcast posted on November 7, 2012 where we interviewed the film producer Grant Guffin and John Bramlett.

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