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We have been producing year-end podcasts for a number of years now, and we thought it would be fun this year to sort of jump into the Shelby time machine to go back and visit some of our favorite moments from the past. We’ll be covering these topics: Free Resources available to you, year-end differences between ShelbyNext and Shelby v.5, our top 3 year-end tips and ACA Reporting. We hope that this review of some of our most helpful year-end podcasts answers many of your biggest questions and gives you a few tips that you can use. In addition learn about the many ways of getting in touch with us (including live chat) for year-end assistance during the month of January. Make sure you watch the end of the video for instructions on downloading and installing the latest software updates so that you are ready for new tax legislation. So hold on as we go back to the future!

Watch Year-End Discussion - (Video from January/2012).
Watch Top 10 Year-End Tips: Part 1 - (Video from December/2012).
Watch Top 10 Year-End Tips: Part 2 - (Video from January/2013).
Watch Year-End Tips for SFO / v.5 Customers - (Video from December/2014).
Listen to Top Ten Year-End Tips: Part 1 - (Audio from December/2009).
Listen to Top Ten Year-End Tips: Part 2 - (Audio from January/2010).

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