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Alex Nicoletti, Alfred Johnson and Curtis Harris join us today to talk about Shelby’s Roadmap to the Future! We’ll see what’s on the horizon for the ShelbyArena and ShelbyNext products. Alex Nicoletti, Arena Product Manager, tells us about his ministry background, shares some exciting news about enhancements that he is currently working on and discusses the Arena roadmap. Alfred Johnson, Financials Product Owner, tells us what projects he is overseeing for the financial side of ShelbyNext, what is in the works and the wish list items that he is dreaming about. Finally Curtis Harris, EVP for Ministry Brands, explains what he's doing to bring the strong “voice of the customer” to the ShelbyNext product as he looks forward to the exciting days ahead for Shelby Systems and Ministry Brands. This edition of Shelby Podcast is sponsored by ShelbyArena.

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