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God is Love / We Are The Outcome. The husband and wife team of Chris Rademaker and Jodi King form the Christian praise band: Love & The Outcome. You are invited to join us on the back porch of their Nashville home as we discuss their lives and their music. During this open and honest conversation, Chris and Jodi explain: what life was like growing up in Canada, how they met and what qualities they saw in each other that caused them to want to get married, why they literally sold everything and went out on the road, what they learned during their many tough times and what you can do to prepare your heart for Praise and Worship time at ISC 2017 in Dallas TX. In addition you will also enjoy several of their popular Christian songs during the interview. Don’t miss Love & The Outcome on Thursday, June 15 at ISC 2017 in Dallas, TX!

Chris and Jodi invite you to join them at ISC 2017 during this 30 Second Video promo.
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