The Multi-Site Church Explosion

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Today we welcome Shelby Systems’ Technology Development Director, Steve Pruitt, to explain how Multi-Site Link can benefit both churches and headquarters. Steve will also introduce MSL developer, Brooks Canfield, who will share his knowledge of the history of the Multi-Site Link program. Author Geoff Surratt of Seacoast Church in South Carolina writes about The Multi-Site… Read more »

Introduction to the General Ledger Plus Add-On

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One of Shelby Systems’ most outgoing and friendly Sales Representatives, Jerry Foster, will talk to us today about the General Ledger Plus Add-On. Jerry will tell us about his background, education, and share some of his history while working at Shelby Systems. He will explain what General Ledger Plus is, what it can do for… Read more »

What’s New on the v5.9 Upgrade?

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We begin our third year of ShelbyPODCAST with our third time guest, Shelby Systems’ Director of Customer Development: Ron Chandler. Ron will tell us what he has been doing since the last time we talked over a year ago. Listen to find out What’s New on the Shelby v5.9 Upgrade release. Ron will highlight some… Read more »

What’s New on the Arena Summer Release?

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Mark White, Arena Product Manager, will be telling us about the new features to expect on the Summer Upgrade Release. Mark will explain about social networking, how the prayer wall works, importing your Twitter feed, Flickr photos, new mobile and iPhone applications, and other new features.

New IOCIM Classes, SSTIPS, and the True Meaning of Christmas

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Geoff Johnson, Shelby Systems’ Education Team Lead, will explain how the Institute for Church Information Management can help you to become a more knowledgeable employee, how you can get help from your own personal coach, and how to take advantage of the learning communities available through IOCIM. He will also… Read more »