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Education Team Lead Geoff Johnson joins us for a show that is designed to help you prepare your Shelby database so that it is lean, clean and ready for 2013. Geoff shares five of his Top 10 Year-End Tips in part one of this two part video podcast. Discover the best practices that can make for a smooth and stress-free transition into the new year. Support Manager Chris Benson drops by with timely information on new tax tables, program updates, and announcements from Shelby Systems. Make sure you watch the closing where Geoff explains how his young adopted daughter, Destiny, has changed his attitude about the Christmas season.

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John “Bull” Bramlett was the meanest, hardest hitting man in professional football. Until he found the only peace that could calm his rage. This fall, Flashlight Media Group releases a film that introduces a man who forfeited the world in exchange for his soul and discovered a life worth living. Film producer Grant Guffin joins us to share this amazing story of redemption and faith. John and Nancy Bramlett drop by to encourage you to take your family and friends to see this inspirational film. The star-studded cast includes: Joe Namath, Tony Dungy, Bob Griese, George Klein, Jim Kiick, and many others. Don’t miss this moving account of a man’s journey from the depths of depravity to the heights of a life transformed by God’s love.

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We ran into Wayne Watson just before his concert at Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett, TN. Wayne has an incredible 23 #1 hit songs, a dozen Dove Awards, and was recently inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame. Discover what inspired him to write 1991's Song of the Year: Home Free, how he felt during his performance on The Tonight Show, and enjoy as he sings the chorus to one of his favorite songs. And then stay tuned to learn how you can see Wayne Watson live in your home town!

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The very first Arena.Core Developer Conference was a huge success! This conference is dedicated to better equipping developer ministries to work within their churches. Experience the inspirational opening speech from our President/CEO Frank Canady, discover the subjects that were addressed by an incredible line-up of facilitators, get a glimpse of community development of the product during Show and Tell, and then be inspired by Mike Gold's closing prayer where the programmers' talents are dedicated to ministry work.

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Steve Hewitt, editor-in-chief for Christian Computing Magazine, joins us for a discussion of What's Hot in 2012, Cool Stuff that is coming soon, Not Cool Stuff, and the Really Not Cool Stuff. Make sure you listen to the end of the show where Steve goes on his annual rant. This time about Google Auto Complete. It's a wake-up call for all Christians. This is our anniversary show. Thanks for supporting ShelbyPODCAST for the past 5 years!