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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Mark White, Arena Product Manager, will be telling us about the new features to expect on the Summer Upgrade Release. Mark will explain about social networking, how the prayer wall works, importing your Twitter feed, Flickr photos, new mobile and iPhone applications, and other new features.

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, legendary motivational speaker and author Zig Ziglar will share an important “sermonette” that his mother taught him growing up, some advice for the challenges we face today, his personal philosophy, and some timeless wisdom that comes from many decades of experience. In addition, Mr. Ziglar’s daughter, Julie Ziglar Norman, will explain what topics will be covered when she interviews her dad at the Closing Session of the International Shelby Conference June 3–5, 2009 in Dallas, TX.

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, LaDonna Gatlin, singer, author, and motivational speaker, will be talking to us about performing with the Gatlin Brothers on stage, how she learned to “sing her own song,” and what she will be speaking and singing about at the International Shelby Conference during the Thursday evening banquet.

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Karen Bishop, Shelby Systems Events Manager, will be sharing additional information about the upcoming International Shelby Conference in Dallas, TX. Karen will tell us about the prizes that will be given away, the Thursday evening banquet, signing up for classes online, the new ISC blog, more about our guest speakers, things to see and do in Dallas, and you will have the chance to meet the Shelby Events team.

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Dr. Danny Sinquefield, Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Bartlett, TN and President of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, will be talking to us about his ministry’s rapid growth over the past several years. Dr. Sinquefield will explain why he decided to return to his hometown from Florida and to what he credits the tremendous growth that they have been experiencing. Plus, Pastor Danny will share his thoughts on why missions are such an important part of a ministry.