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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Karen Bishop, Shelby Systems Events Manager, will be talking to us about the upcoming International Shelby Conference in Dallas, TX. Karen will tell us how she plans to top last year’s event, why you can’t afford to miss ISC 2009, what new classes will be offered, where we will be staying, who the guest speakers will be, and what Bible verse was used to choose this year’s theme. In addition, Karen will tell us about the ISC 2009 web site and the new ISC blog that will answer all of your questions about the International Shelby Conference.

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Ken Emert, a Shelby Systems Independent Trainer at the consultant level, will explain the Best Practices for a Successful Financial Year End, how you can sign up for a year end webinar, and how the support department is working overtime in January to answer your year end questions. Ken will also tell us about his background, the different trainer levels at Shelby, and what a consultant level trainer is qualified to do. In addition, Ken will list the subjects that will be addressed in the webinar, the date of the event, and where you can go to learn about all of the details.

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Geoff Johnson, Shelby Systems' Education Team Lead, will explain how the Institute for Church Information Management can help you to become a more knowledgeable employee, how you can get help from your own personal coach, and how to take advantage of the learning communities available through IOCIM. He will also tell us which new topics have just been added to the Institute for Church Information Management, how to sign up, and how you will be able to receive Continuing Education Credit for completing a class in the very near future. Plus, Geoff will share his insights on the true meaning of Christmas.

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Veronica Abney, Church Administrator for Salem Baptist Church, will explain how Shelby Software helped it's ministry go from 200 members to one of the largest congregations in the city of Chicago in just a few years. In addition, she will tell us about the unique ways that Salem Baptist is using Shelby Systems to reach out to it's community and to accomplish their ministry goals. Plus, we will learn about some of Veronica’s ambitious objectives for the future of Salem Baptist Church. And congratulations to Linda Bruner Office Manager for Main Street United Methodist Church in Boonville, IN – the winner of our one year anniversary iPod give-away contest!

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Alfred Johnson, Shelby Systems’ Director of Business Development, will explain how the NEW ShelbyTELLER program can make your organization more efficient, saving you both time and money. In addition, Alfred will tell us what hardware and software you will need to run ShelbyTELLER, what scanner is recommended, the benefits of using ShelbyTELLER over an ordinary check scanner, and how you can attend a free webinar demonstrating ShelbyTELLER that will answer any questions that you may have. Tune in to today's show where Alfred will draw the name of the iPod Video Nano winner celebrating the one year anniversary of ShelbyPODCAST! Thanks for listening!