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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Bill Ballou – Shelby’s Training Manager – tells us about the upcoming Fall Workshops, the very popular Shelby Quick Tip Sheets, and his reaction to the v5.8 upgrade release. In addition, Bill will explain the special reason why he is going to take his family to the Olympics in China this week.

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, America's Minister of Encouragement - Dennis Swanberg - explains the difference between living and living well on our One Year Anniversary show. It's guaranteed to make you laugh.

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST we present a video interview summarizing the opening session speech given by Pat Williams at ISC 2008 in Orlando, FL. Many of the attendees were inspired by his comments. You may want to take notes or save this program for future reference. If you know of anyone who you think might benefit from today’s show (perhaps a recent high school graduate, family member, or friend), please feel free to forward the link to them.

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST, Frank Canady, President and CEO, reveals why Shelby Systems has moved into a new, custom designed, 29,000 square foot headquarters complex almost doubling the size of its previous facility. You’ll also hear first hand exactly how this will directly benefit your organization and improve the tools and resources you use to manage and grow.

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On this edition of ShelbyPODCAST Ron Chandler - Director of Customer Development, talks about some of the new enhancements found in the upcoming v5 spring/summer release.